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Constitutional responses to terrorism research group

Bocconi University | Room AS03 | via Röntgen 1
13 - 14 June 2019

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About the workshop

This workshop will address the evolving interaction between the international, regional and domestic level in framing counter-terrorism measures and policies. Since the outbreak of the terrorist threat in 2001 the UN has developed counter-terrorism strategies and policies as well as issued resolutions with different binding force, in order to provide UN members with guidelines on how to address international terrorism. In such context, UN preventive measures or sanctions targeted at non-State players (and even individuals) are probably the most relevant innovation to deal with. How has this approach affected domestic law? What about the way UN members have implemented such resolutions? Moreover, UN measures have often impacted on regional bodies, including the EU. Hence, is the relationship between UN law and regional law changing, and to what extent? Ultimately, are we heading towards a UN-led global counterterrorism law, and how beneficial is this for the enhancement of fundamental rights and personal freedoms recognized by national constitutions, regional charters and international standards? The previous are only some of the research questions that this workshop will try to answer.